Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Nearly 9

Dear Lucy,
You are nearly 9 and ready for new adventures! Soon, we will all be flying away...
Has it really been 3 years since my last post here? Since I don't want to regret not keeping up, I shall start here again!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Catching up & inspiration

Dear Lu,

In 14 days, you will be 6! It seems unbelievable and I know the next 6 years will go by just as fast. You are reading so well now, and so interested in your studies. We made your bed into a twin size tonight which left you with less play space in your small room. You said, "that's okay -- I'm older now -- I should concentrate more on my work."

Some statistics --

Since January, you have grown 1 inch. You are now 44.5 inches. Not sure about weight, but you must be (finally) close to 40 lbs.

You have all 4 of your 6 year molars, yet have not lost one baby tooth. I think you will lose a few at once!

You enjoy all subjects, but your favorite subject is really, truly thinking about the world around you. Your recounted a story from the lunch table at school in which you were discussing the existence of God with your classmates. You have determined that even though you don't believe in her (your choice of gender, there), everyone can believe what they like and there's no need to argue. Wow. I love this, and I love you. We can only lead you in this openness in the world. Many people ask, "what will happen if Lucy's not a Buddhist when she grows up?" To me, this is a silly question -- you will be, and believe, what makes sense to you. We can only guide you to make good decisions and live a calm and happy life. Right now, philosophical complexity is not our top priority. We are certain you will find it on your own, at good time for you!

We love you, oh so much. There have been some difficult times (okay, months), but we are coming together as a family to figure it all out.

Love, Mom.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Animal House

Today we saw Nana and Papa for the first time in weeks. The are back from a trip to Australia and recovering okay. Since you have been into making your own toys, I suggested you build a toy with Papa. You were both excited and, after a nap, retired to the garage where we could hear sounds of saws, drills and serious hinge discussions. After a while, you were finished. Both of you beamed with pride as the animal house made it's debut on the damp driveway pavement. Photos to come!

Saturday, November 07, 2009


Today we were in the city, but separated. It was raining hard, but you managed to be mostly happy and agreeable. One of your favorite things to do is sit in coffee shops with us, and we appreciate that.
Anyway, the rain was falling down -- but your spirits were up -- until we had to change plans late in the day. At least you looked cute in your new monkey hat. Your tears made me sad -- you seem to be more and more honest with your emotions these days. Sometimes I can see your 12 year old self and I feel torn. Maybe even a little nervous!

Friday, November 06, 2009


Like the gazelles who were your "prey" today at school, you move gracefully through 5.
You make silly jokes and count to 10 in Spanish.
Tonight, when bedtime was mentioned, you raced us up the stairs. Dad made the "pinch me" sign as you eagerly chose your pajamas.
There was 6 minutes of meditation and a late-entry snack of apples.
Now, as you sleep, I think of the next day with you and await the weekend smiles.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


You work a lot with patterns at school and we love to talk about them with you. Today's patterns were about numbers -- 10 is to 9 and ? is to ? -- and you were able to count backwards and figure them out. So proud!

Tomorrow you will make a lion mask and go out with the rest of your pride.

Have I mentioned how much I love your school?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


So fish Dorothy, or Silver, or whatever her name was passed on today. There was too much water in the bowl and she must have flopped out in the afternoon. It was a sunny afternoon, and she was by the window, and I like to think she was jumping out toward the light, hoping for a tasty bug treat.

Anyway, it was a rough evening, with lots of arguing and some crying too. And then we kept on learning of other tough things in your day -- falling down, tears on the bus, choosing the wrong group and fear of public bathrooms.

All in a day's work. Every day is a good day, so here's hoping for tomorrow!