Monday, July 28, 2008

A new friend

Earlier this month, we went to see Lisa Loeb promoting her new kid's album, Camp Lisa. We were all excited to meet her and the album has been on continuous rotation ever since. Good thing it's a great album!

Summer glimpse

As usual -- high hopes for writing to you here, but I've been too busy with you to note it all.

After the last note, you went in for your eye surgery, which went swimmingly. Despite all of the worry and concern, you were an excellent patient. When you woke up, you were not afraid or even teary-eyed, which surprised everyone. Your eyes have healed and revealed a new you. This you runs up and down hills, undaunted. We realized that your depth perception must have been nonexistent before. Your knees now bear the scrapes of childhood, all due to your fearless romping.

This summer has been somewhat challenging. You are really coming into your own (to put it nicely). Almost everyday, there is some sort of battle. We threaten and cajole and finally we come to an agreement that we actually do know best after all. There are please, pleases and no, nos and WTFs all over the place, but more than anything, we love who you are becoming. But there are moments when we wonder if our responses will send you to therapy. We have a fund started.

You are reading short books and counting! You are proud of what you can do and so are we. It does somewhat limit our ability to S-P-E-L-L out words we don't want you to hear, because you can often decode what we are trying to communicate to each other in secret. Pretty soon, we'll have to start passing little notes folded up in triangles and read them in locker room after recess. Er, you know what I mean.

A few more notes for later explanation:
You love babies, especially the one who "lives in your belly".
You have imaginary friends, "Baby Guy" and "Innis".
You are asking more and more about Life and Death.
When you are upset, you do "the volcano" to let the bad energy out and then take deep breaths to bring the good in.

More soon...