Sunday, November 27, 2005

18 months: Words

Dear Lu,
I feel like I start so many entries this way: I can't believe how much you change each week!

Your new words in the past couple of weeks--
Carl (This word means "dog". "Carl" is from the book "Good Dog Carl".)
Our cat and Our cat Myra
...And you understand so much more!

You also distinguish between "All gone" and "All done" which is very helpful at meal time. You are wonderful at asking for "more", whether it's more nourishment or more play.

This week, you've really started asking for me, talking about me in a plaintive "Mama". You've said the word before, many times, but it sounds more honest -- more true -- now. I don't know how to explain it, but each time I hear you say it I feel myself expand with love.
"This is It," I think to myself.

Tonight at bedtime, you made your dad do "this little piggy" 8 times. You said, pointing to your toes, "dad, that!". Wonderful -- you'd giggle and double over as he got to the last toe. At the end of the 8th run-through you said "night" indicating your readiness for bed.

You are really gearing up to walk now. We are not nervous about your hesitancy because it's obvious you want to. And you will. I think you are waiting until you Know How. You are avoiding accidents. It was the same way with other developments. Your cautiousness is appreciated, actually.

We are trying to figure out your food sensitivities; you develop a mysterious ecema. Soy? Corn? Bananas? We know you are allergic to dairy and eggs. But what else?

You played the piano at grandma and grandpa's for the first time, this weekend. You sat on my lap and would not let me play along. It was your musical concoction of black notes. You didn't prefer to pound the keys and mostly used a firm, but gentle, touch.

I love the way you kiss things -- your bath toys, the table, your stuffed animals. So sweet! You were banging on the table with a block and we said "gentle, please". And you leaned in to kiss it. I hope you are always this aware of feelings. I think you will carry this conscientiousness with you.

Lastly, I want to say -- you are our outside girl. You love to go for rides in the car and walks in the stroller. As it is getting colder, I bundle you up and you happily point to all of the new things you see. I even taught you how to put your hands in your pockets. When you are able to walk, we expect many adventures! I know you will enjoy hiking in the spring, summer and fall to come.

You are tall and thin, and your hair grows more blonde (and longer) by the week. I think you are 32 inches tall and about 22 lbs. We love everything about our "Lucy package". Whenever people ask us if we'll have more children, we say, "why gamble? We have such a great girl already!" And it's true, but we'll see...

For now, it's all about you.


Monday, November 07, 2005

In sickness and in health

Dear Lucy,
Next week you will be 18 months old.
You are already experimenting with imaginary play; this is something many children discover at 2 years of age, so we are excited about this development.
For the past couple of weeks, you have been sick with bronchitis (luckily, the scaring shortness of breath phase passed quickly) and a cold. Your nose is still runny, but you are much better. When you are sick, especially the first couple of nights, I sleep with the monitor on and wake with each raspy cough. We are so lucky to have a great N.D. who is always available.
In the last week or so, it seems you have become so nurturing. You are hugging everything, even your plastic toy phone receiver. Last week I heard you press play on your cd player. Your bedtime lullaby cd began playing and you hugged your bunny close, rocking it and saying "awww, awww". My heart melts.
You also hug your friend Hazel. You love to hang out together (even though a lot of the play is still parallel), sharing toys and smiling at each other. The other day, though, you crawled over to her and put your head on her shoulder. Again, melting.
Hazel's mom Rachel, and my friend, said that "it's like opening a present every day" and I agree. You are a great gift -- you show me new words, new "developmental tasks" each day. Your daddy and I often look at each other and say "it's so amazing, Lucy is so smart" and it is -- you are.
Well, you are handing me a book -- asking me to read it... again. There are dark clouds outside and I think it will rain soon. Sometimes I wonder what you need me to do, and then you show me. It's so simple, most of the time, and I love you.