Saturday, April 21, 2007


The other night as I sat on your bed, I placed my hand on the back of your warm head. Your hair has grown so long and wavy; its texture changing from baby-soft before my eyes. I gently closed my eyes and thought, "I am holding the world in my hand." Shortly, you told us to "go right now" and we retreated.
You've been telling us all sorts of stories lately, and using adverbs in your language. We are delighted and horrified by your Passion around activities and the timing thereof. If we take a sock off, for instance, when the sock Shouldn't Come Off, then bedtime can be delayed by 30 minutes. You express your pleasure and displeasure in life with vigor and excitement.
You are interested in sports with more interest every week. As soon as we can, we'll get you on some sort of team. When you take off your clothes at night, you use the hamper as a hoop of sorts; we all cheer when you make a free throw.

This Spring is bringing big changes for us. We are moving from our little house on the busy corner to a bigger house in a nearby town. The new house, for us, is a welcome and happy change. We'll be closer to work, which will mean less time in the car. We are packing boxes and the cat is vomiting on the rug in protest. Luckily, you know that you shouldn't touch the "throw up." There is a sadness in moving and I wonder how you'll feel once you realize we aren't coming back.

Overall, you are a happy child. You have your moments, but at your best, you are loving and kind. You are my Best Girl. May you always sleep tight with sweet dreams. May you play any sport or instrument with vigor!