Monday, December 29, 2008


You received many wonderful things on this holiday season, but one of the most generous was a gift of money. It was delivered in paper bills in shiny, green tin. After discussing what could be purchased with the money, I tucked it away for safe keeping. A moment later, you said, "where's the cash? I want to hold it!"

Friday, December 05, 2008

The Santa Issue

While reading "The Night Before Christmas" tonight before bed.

"I wish Santa was real."

"What?!" Cue: looks of horror, both of us wondering what to say.

"Do you think he's real?"

"My Santa is real." You mean the Santa you see at Bridgeport Village. Side note--when you've seen other pictures of Santa, you've asked, "did Santa change his face?" That dude is the Santa to you and all others must be...not real?

Looking at the picture you exclaim, "look at him flying around!"

"Does your Santa fly around?"

"No! No, he walks!"

He does?"

"Okay, actually he drives a minivan! That's what he does."