Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 21

It is finally summer and we are all looking forward to the time we'll spend together in the next couple of months. This year, I know you won't allow me to delve into the part of my personality that likes to stay home. I almost feel ashamed to admit that this part exists, but it does.

One of my favorite aspects of your nature is your ability to see what others need. You are at a point where you seem to understand and respect the different 'parts' of people. While you will sit on the couch with me and relax when I need that, you push me to learn new things -- you hold yoga class, play "golf" outside, plant cosmos in our yard, introduce me to all of your friends and sing silly songs. You want to hear new music -- you enjoy jazz, hip-hop and many things in between.

You are one of the best negotiators I have ever met. Even when I have steeled myself to say 'no' to more playing before bed, more cookies, or a popsicle, somehow you manage to have those things. Often, this is not a problem, however, we are learning that we cannot match your strong will.

Four is my favorite age so far, although they have all been (mostly) good. Last year was hard because we lost two family members and our lives were clouded with this--even more than I realized. But this year, you are asking questions about what this means. Last week, you inquired what death and life mean. And having to give you clear answers has made me grateful that you ask them. The week before, you asked questions about race and skin color.

Right this very moment, you are whining for a popsicle and yelling at the cat and I hear the freezer door open, so it's off we go!