Monday, October 10, 2005


Dear Lucy,
There are dozens of reasons why I have not written to you, but one of them is that you keep us so busy! You will be 17 months old in less than a week -- I can't believe it.
You are such a beautiful girl. In the last month, your verbal skills have exploded. This morning, when I asked you if you were ready for breakfast, you crawled to the highchair and pulled up. You say "all done" when you are finished and make a sign when you want water. All day you say: cat, dad, that?. I love every moment.
You want us to read books to you and sing "Mary had a little lamb" 20,008 times, which we do (mostly) happily.
Right now you have a rash on your face. I'm not sure what it is, but you seem to have some food allergies I can't figure out. Perhaps it was the eggy bread you had yesterday at breakfast?
In the last week, you have become more cuddly. I love it when you put your head on my shoulder and say "awww" like you do when you hug one of your stuffed toys. We are still working on being "gentle" though, as you socked dad in the face with a Duplo block the other night.
On Friday afternoon, you had your very first "mini" bang trim. I did not save the hair because it was only a little. Perhaps I should have...
Your movement has really improved. You crawl, cruise and pull up everywhere. You are so skinny and so tall! You can reach the third shelf on the bookcase, although you rarely pull things down.
Right now you are taking a nap. You cried a little, but I think you were ready to sleep. Last night you fell asleep while you were eating dinner! It was funny, and sad, to see you trying to put food in your mouth with your eyes closed and your head bobbing. We think you love to be with us so much, you just don't want to stop.
You are still breastfeeding off and on. I love the moments we have together, so I will not try to cut you off just yet. I only wish you wouldn't wake so much some nights.
More soon...


philjackson5611 said...
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Medjool said...

I hope I can compete with philjackson here...

I have been wondering, thinking about Lucy so much lately, I can't believe I (honestly) forgot about this blog. This is so handy! Now I know all about what she is doing.

That is so sweet that she fell asleep while eating. I love your family!