Wednesday, January 18, 2006


There's this really funny thing you do as I'm putting you to bed that I need to document. (I fear I'll forget it by February if I don't!)
As the weeks go by, you are more and more verbal. It amazes us; you now sit in your little chair, "reading" the "Baby Signs" book out loud. I love to watch you, because you do the signs along with the pictures. (Note to self: take a picture of this. Actually, just take more pictures in general.) A few weeks ago, whenever I would ask you if you are okay, you started saying "yeah". Sometimes, it sounds like you are saying "da", but I've always understood what you mean. I think I noticed it when you were eating and would begin to cough. I'd say, "Lu, are you okay? Do you need water?" Or something like that. When you mean "no", you've started shaking your head and will make some kind of "pushing away" sign with your hand. And besides, it's pretty clear when you mean NO, right? Ha, ha! Mama's funny!
Where was I? Oh yes. So now, when I tuck you into your crib, after I place the two blankets over you and you are hugging gorilla tight, I stroke your head a few seconds and say, "are you good?" and you say -- "yeah". I love this and even though I know you are okay, I live for that "yeah". You are growing up so quickly and I know you won't always tell me you are okay. Or you won't be able to, anyway. So, just humor me a little longer. Put your head on my shoulder and pat me on the back when we are both awake in the middle of the night.
I love you, my sweet 20-month-old Lucy.

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Rachel said...

four molars all at once! what a drag! poor lucy and poor you guys - the whole teething thing is painful for everyone involved. elementary school kids run up to me all the time so proud of the gaps in their mouths as they exclaim, "rachel, rachel, i lost a tooth!" i used to be so happy for them, but lately i've been stunned, thinking, "but you worked SO HARD to get them..." my world is forever changed... sorry so sloppy, ttfn (the way you signed that comment made me laugh - sylvia an i exchange Very Serious work emails and sign them like that all the time) oxox