Monday, March 12, 2007

In bloom.

Spring is here and you have a new raincoat.
The weather is clearing up and the rain doesn't seem to be inconvenient; as long as your slide can be wiped of water, you are happy to run around on our back deck.
Your sentences are so developed and you frequently use the words "please" and "thank you."
We've decided that Montessori is great for us too; you like to clean up A LOT which involves the obsessive disposal of each Joe's O that falls on the floor during snack time.
You are loving and lovely and also so very almost 3. We have the feeling this year will be more...challenging. You are stronger and more insistent. But still reasonable (so far).
Someday soon, you will wipe your own derriere and that will be fantastic. In your own time, you'll figure out how it all works.

I lay in bed at night before my mind wanders to cats dancing on chairs on rainbow islands with ukulele playing monkeys and think of stories I want to tell about you. And then I prompt forget.

We are so proud of you and your counting! And you want to read -- you ask what words "say" and can identify letters on signs and in books.
You talk about what's "yours" and we discuss how we share and ask you to please stop yelling. We bought you a new football, and two sports-themed shirts and you feel so frisky in them! You chase the cat and throw your ball(s) and scream, "YEAHHHH FOOTBALL!!" as I try to defrost the chicken.
You are ready to sign up for a girl's lacrosse team just as soon as they'll let you.
But you also want to play the violin. "That'd be nice," you told me last week.

Your very favorite game (post-dinner) is Candyland. You have this little dance you do with your piece and you chant, "Lucy's going to get the princess" before you pick up the next card.
And tonight you told us, "I feel like a boy now." Dad told you, of course, that that's okay. Then you said, "No, I feel like a girl." And you are our girl, our best girl.

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Isabel said...

As always...such a beautiful post! I love the thought of her new raincoat. It makes me think about when I was a little girl in Oregon!