Saturday, May 19, 2007


My sweet girl --
Today is your third birthday party and I have yet to write up your happy birthday entry. You are still in pajamas, attempting to feed the cat plastic food from your shopping cart.
It's been an interesting month -- we are in our new house, in a new city. The transition has been fairly smooth -- the best part is that our commute is now only 5 miles. The week after we moved, I walked (or, as you say, "you marched mama!") in my graduate school graduation ceremony. The week after, we visited your dying grandmother. We are still working out how to talk with you about that transition. Your great uncle died two days ago.
Yet there is a lot of light and happiness. We have beautiful lilac trees in the front yard and it is Spring. Summer is coming, when we'll have long days together. We'll discover the parks close by and take the bus downtown. Hopefully, we'll fly on a plane to see Grandpa.
So much to do, so more soon my frisky girl!

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