Saturday, April 12, 2008

Life Questions Episode #253: Frank Sinatra

Saturday morning conversation about Frank Sinatra.

"I want to listen to that song, "oh my gosh my golly," who sang that song?

"Frank Sinatra."

"Yeah, yeah! Frank Sinatra -- that one!"


"But he died. I missed him. Where did he go, did he go to the sky?"

"No, no. He's just gone. It's okay, though. We can still listen to his music."

"Oh! Oh! I have an idea!"


"I can see Frank Sinatra in California! I can go there someday!"


Jeff said...

If you look hard enough, I'm sure that you could find Frank Sinatra in California. It's not easy raising an ambivalent secular deep-agnostic buddhist with leanings toward rational atheism but a passionate appreciation for religious poetics. I think it really might start with plenty of Frank.

moosh in indy. said...

Um, the Utah Ballet is putting on a "9 Sinatra Song" show right now, why go all the way to California?

Anonymous said...

oh lu....embrace the god-like-ness that is frank sinatra....this warms my heart like you wouldnt grandpa would be glad to hear of it.


foolery said...

Frank really is here in California. I heard him in the grocery store just last week, over in the dried pasta section.

Carrie said...

She really is obsessed with California! I hope she isn't let down when she finally visits!

Carrie said...

(We prefer Boulder, Colorado to Northern Cali for what it's worth!)