Friday, July 15, 2005

A visit

Dear Lucy,

Today Grandma and Grandpa P. came to visit! You were so happy to see them and they took care of you while dad and I ran errands. I love to watch you interact with them -- and they love you so much. I wonder what you will call them? Even when I came home and was holding you, you were reaching to Grandma and saying "mama".
You've been saying dada, or dad, a lot lately. I'm a little jealous -- you only seem to remember my name when you want to eat. But last night, around midnight, I nursed you before I went to bed and it was so sweet. You didn't really call out to me, but I heard you crying and you curled so nicely in my arms while nursing. I can't resist these quiet moments and I know this stage will go by so quickly. As I watched you curl up with your blanket and polar bear in the crib, my heart was swelling with the knowledge that you are growing up right before my eyes.
I can't believe you are 14 months old! You are so verbal -- and active! Grandma was impressed. She did a wonderfully grandma thing and fed you your very favorite Gerber apple chunks while I changed your diaper. You were so pleased with yourself and I could see that glint of knowing it was a treat.
Anyway, Lucy, you rock. I want to tell you that every day. Also -- you are just so beautiful. Your eyes -- so serious sometimes! I love to hear you talking to yourself while you read our cast-off computer manuals. Gaga guba guba ga? Cat? Dada dat duh. It only makes sense to you at this point, but it all sounds very important. I can't wait to find out what it means!

I love you very much,


Medjool said...

This is great! I can just see Lucy's expressive, smiley face as I read this.

Isabel said...

I love that you tell your daughter that she rocks. That rocks!