Friday, August 19, 2005

Play Date

Dear Lucy,
Today was so much fun, like so many of our days. The summer is winding down and while I am looking forward to Autumn already, I know you are in for a surprise when Dad goes back to work. I think you will miss him and that makes me sad. Whenever he leaves, you point at the door, saying his name. When you see pictures of him you point and say "dad". It's just so sweet.
Anyway, today we had lunch with our dear friend Matthew. We met at a sushi restaurant on Hawthorne and you were asleep in your stroller for a good while. Finally you woke up and had sticky rice, corn and some other finger foods. Those are your favorites and you are just so fond of rice! You aren't really letting us feed you with a spoon -- you would barely allow me to place the rice on your eating mat! You are so sure of what you want, pulling and pushing our hands to you and away. It's so funny watching you learn how to communicate with us.
After lunch, we went to a play date with Sophia and Elizabeth. You sat in the little pool for a long time, experimenting with the toys -- putting them in and out of the pool -- for almost an hour. Then you ate your very favorite rice crackers and had a nice time nursing. The weather was just perfect and I love to feel your soft skin while you are eating. You smile at me as I shake my hair around your face.
You slept in the car on the way home; we stopped at the store. You hummed through dinner and played on the floor cushion, which you love. You didn't cry too much at bedtime and only tossed a bit when I covered you with your blue blanket.
I can't believe how quickly time is passing.
There is a part of me that wants to write down every moment, every little thing you do, yet I know it is impossible. So here's one thing for today. Your hair -- it is curly in the back. It is actually much longer than it looks dry because of the way it pops up. You like to touch your hair, and mine and dad's. Your hair is still blonde, but it's kind of a dark blonde and I wonder how it will change in color and texture.
As always, I love you dearly. I know this will not change.

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