Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Teeth -- 15 months old.

Dear Lucy,
Wow. Yesterday dad was fishing, so I was alone with you for the first time since June. It was a lot of fun; I can't believe how much you've changed. I've noticed, of course, but it's different when I'm taking care of you solo. We'll be back to our solo schedule in a couple of weeks.
So you were screaming and crying and bucking in my arms. You were so sad and I couldn't figure it out. You've been teething -- a big molar has finally fully erupted -- so I gave you some teething tablets. I had noticed the beginnings of two more top molars...but I looked and saw that ALL FOUR of your eye teeth were coming in. Jesus. No wonder you were so sad! I gave you Tylenol and you took a nice nap. Poor girl! I can't believe you get all of your teeth at once. It's kind of nice knowing you'll get it over with fast, but still. You are an over acheiver, I think. You have 6 teeth coming at the same time, maybe more.
I love to watch you read your books and empty your toy boxes and laugh at the radio. You love to turn in off and on and find the NPR station. It cracks you up and that alone makes me laugh with joy. You love to throw your balls and make baskets, so funny. You sing and we think we've heard you say "thank you" and "banana".
Speaking of food, Lucy, you love to eat. It's great! Tofu pups. Avocado. Green beans. Bananas. Rice puffs. Japanese rice cakes. Pinto beans. Polenta. You like it all, especially the Gerber toddler food (but we are trying to decrease your dependence on that stuff). You also love corn and apples and mangos and plums. Of course a bunch of the food ends up in your plastic bib, on the floor and into the crevices of the high chair, but most if it ends up in your belly. Soon, you will use your little fork and spoon, we aren't too worried because you seem to have good coordination.
You were 15 months old on the 15th. You aren't walking yet, but you move around cautiously. We enjoy this slow start because we've been able to Lucy-proof bit by bit. You like to play with other children and recognize your little friends. You have a new doll, which I'll write about next time. We love you so much.

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