Thursday, June 29, 2006

Now what was it you did?

Every time I turned around this past week, I thought, "I need to write this down!" But then, there are so many things -- and the next event rushes in --

This week (and part of last) has been "Lucy becomes social" week. It's truly amazing to watch this -- you are a new toddler. It's not that you were inverted before, but it took you a lot longer to warm up. Now, you are running around stores and asking to hug and kiss other kids (and touch their hair). In the past week, we've had get-togethers with a few friends, and you've been really comfortable. It's great to see you initial conversations, laugh & smile. It melts my heart to hear you talk about our friends later, carefully pronouncing each name.

You have a thing with textures, especially cotton shirts and hair. It's a way of calming yourself and relating to others. You like to sit behind me and play with my 'do and then run around front to check your work. This is a wonderful, hilarious game we play; we both laugh and laugh! You like to "touch, shirt" and I've noticed you do this (sometimes) when you are nervous. Nana says her grandmother did this, and I remember doing the same thing with a blanket I carried around for years. And we are working on your 'thing' with grass. I think the pokey grass bothers you because it's...pokey...but you are trying to like it. Heck, you went down the big kid slide today, unafraid of the speed and the bark dust at the bottom, so you are making huge leaps!

Your language is blooming and your sentences become clearer by the hour. It's great that we can understand each other more. You've started adding the "guh" sound to "goodnight" too.
You are also really enjoying sleeping and napping. Sometimes you don't want to nap, but most of the time you tell us, "sleep, bed" or "nice nap." Tonight when I put you down, you smiled at me and talked about your dolls. Back when you were a wee babe and I'd wonder if you would cry as I left the room, this moment seemed so far away. Even though you still like some mom time before bed, I know you are a healthy sleeper. I know that, unless you have a bad dream or your teeth hurt (your last molar is coming in!), you will sleep until the morning.

So I guess I was able to remember a few things to say, right? Oh! One totally charming thing you do (that's also helpful!) -- you like to make sure drawers and doors are closed, especially in the kitchen. You also put some things, like toys and dishes, away; so wonderful.
I think we are doing okay here (deep breath). I can't wait to see you smiling tomorrow -- can we have another tea party?

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mrsjennahatfield said...

How precious this stage must be! Hugs and kisses and touching hair. Ah, lovely. ;)