Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Quick Update

There's so much going on with you, it's hard to get it all down.
In the past couple of weeks, we've all been a bit under the weather, and because of this you (briefly) lost your position as "number one consumer of good food." I shouldn't complain; you love to snack on cereal and juice and rice milk. But still, when one gets used to a vegetable eating baby, it's hard to let that go. You've also asserted your distaste for the booster seat and I'll admit to helping your dad strap you in. Once there, you seem to be okay with it. Perhaps your long legs hit the edge of the seat uncomfortably, so we'll work on that.
Your language is amazing. We are having a hard time keeping up with you, honestly. You can identify the letter "h" and "i", and even identified the "h" in an HBO ad on the wall of the Cingular store a couple of days ago. We were at the fly fishing store and the salesman said, "when in doubt, use these flies." You turned to me and said, "when in doubt." We have to be very careful about what we say. I listen to you talking in bed, listing of body parts and favorite things to eat. You chat about our friends and about hugging and love. You put your head on my knee, stroke my arm and say, "sweet." And you are, indeed, sweet.
I have not uploaded recent pictures onto my computer, but I will soon. I've promised myself I'll make a little movie and organize your digital memorabilia. Oh, you love dad's new camera phone. In the past week, you've started asking him to take pictures of your favorite things, and so now, on his phone, are pictures of rice chex and Mexican rice. You are so wonderfully quaint, my dear girl.
More soon, including some documentation about: weaning (or our half-hearted attempt of), potty training?, and cancer updates.

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Rachel said...

you cut off all of your hair, you say?? i can't wait to see it!