Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Deep thoughts: Groovy Girls

Today you were playing with your Groovy Girl. You've had her since your first birthday, but have only recently been interested in involving her in your doll escapades. I've seen many Groovy Girl dolls in shops (even at the grocery store) and admired all of the clothes and accessories one can obtain.

A few months ago, you really got into changing your dolls and by "changing" I mean "getting the clothes part way off and then screaming for me to finish the job and put the new clothes on." So my perspective on doll clothes has shifted a bit; when I see the little pants and shirts and dresses at Target, my eye starts to twitch in anticipation of the work entailed in keeping all of that stuff accounted for.

This afternoon, you finally realized that your G.G.'s clothes could come off! You went about undoing the Velcro until...the shirt and skirt wouldn't completely detach. I looked closely at the doll and (with a sense of relief) saw that they are actually stitched on. And not just one little thread, either. I considered digging out my seam ripper and freeing the vinyl skirt, but then changed my mind. I guess I wonder why the manufacturer would put that much effort into keeping on the original clothes yet so aggressively market the additional wardrobe.

Man, it'll be great to have a job again soon. I love it with you -- I wouldn't trade it, but the fact that I even had this dialog with myself (and dad) is somewhat disturbing.


Jeff said...

This is one of the funniest letters yet. You should make aggressive into an adverb,'ll fix that.

Full time work ain't what it's cracked up to be. I would seriously be the stay at home parent in a heart beat if I wasn't hauling in all of that mad public school bling.

Sara said...

Thanks for the editing help, man. Adverb fixed (and a few other things too).

Pam said...

Ah, yes. The Groovy Girls. They invaded our house a few months ago as well. We've lost interest a bit -- but you're right ... the clothes are annoying.

but not as annoying as anything POLLY POCKET.

You've been warned, my friend!