Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fubonn Market.

Today we had a nice family time that included a trip to an Asian marketplace nearby. Within the mall, there is a bubble tea shop, a Chinese bakery, a tea supply store and Fubonn Market. Although we had no quarters, you enjoyed sitting on the mechanical horses. You were so good as we strolled around; agreeable as you rode in the shopping cart. We found special rice cake crackers and a new melamine soup bowl for you. The excursion reminded us of Taiwan; we found steamed pork buns that we'll eat for dinner tonight. As we finished up our trip, you and dad discovered an altar complete with a Buddha statue, candles and food offerings. You stood before it and bowed, because that's what you know to do. I don't know if you really understand what it means, but witnessing your reverence is beautiful.


Rachel said...

It sounds like a fun outing! I loved playing "trust fall" games with Lucy last night. It is beautiful to watch her grow and read these words about her as well. xoxo

sweetisu said...

Chinese bakery, steamed pork buns, and food offerings? Wait. Are you guys Chinese?? You're certainly making this Chinese very envious, complete with drools.

Sounds like a great time for all.

Jeff said...

We're Chinese in spirit, but Anglo in blood. Once you've tasted of the stinky tofu, it's hard to go back.

-- Lucy's Dad