Friday, November 16, 2007

A conference

This morning we met with your Montessori teacher E. It was such a delight to sit in the little chairs and talk about your progress. A lot of people criticize Montessori for being too 'rigid,' but we've found just the opposite. Although your school provides a report card of sorts, E. was more interesting in talking about the whole you -- the you who is interested in forming relationships -- the you who is growing more independent and who is more outgoing than just two months ago. I am so proud of you -- proud to hear about the work you do with language (you know so many letters now!), math and other life skills -- but I love, love to hear your songs and see your paintings. You are learning about watercolor and came home today with a beautiful piece of art. At our home table, before we eat, you recite a little blessing learned at school. You sing songs about how school is a place for work and play, and you now know all the words to "Do-Re-Mi." You love to pretend and tell stories from your imaginative worlds.
Whatever you choose to do, and whoever you end up becoming, I know your very first preschool teacher E. will remain clear in our memories -- for her love and support -- for truly wanting to understand our Lucy.


Anonymous said...

that's so wonderful - i'm so glad lucy is in such a good place with such good people around her.

Anonymous said...

forgot to sign my name!
- rachel