Thursday, November 08, 2007


"/l/ is for Lucy!" (As she is writing the letter on her paper -- cursive, no less.)

"I am soooo tired." In the car, on the way home.

Singing, "Love, love, love...I love you Mommy." While I am making dinner for you.

"Miss E. says I shouldn't wear diapers to bed anymore. I'm all done with diapers." Stated while discussing your nap time accidents at school. Sometimes, others in your life do know best; we'll see how it goes. We know you have the right amount of determination!


It's so good to finally have an evening with you. I feel like I missed a lot -- you are clearer, more composed, more agreeable. (But! You still have your moments where I remember why we do like to have our date nights; I don't regret the time away. I wish we could have it both ways.)

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