Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dancing with leaves & picking one's nose

The weather here has been so perfect lately. This is the first year we've lived in a house with big trees overhead, and the leaves are pouring into our side yard and concrete porch. You were delighted today to go outside and run around in the piles of leaves and sticks. Together, we watched a little gray and white cat dive and frolic in our leaf-covered, graveled parking area. It was simple and delightful.

Today, your developmental milestone was discovering the wonder and joy of nose picking. I think you are a bit late on this; certainly you've done it before, but at bedtime you couldn't.keep.your.finger.out.of.your.nose. (And that's exactly how it felt -- with all of those periods -- I kept stopping you and the finger, it went right back in!) It was kind of amusing, but I was trying not to laugh. Dad told you that you'd get sores in your nose which I suppose is somewhat true, but I'm wondering if he has actual experience with the type of vigorous nose-picking that would cause nasal injury. Or maybe it's just a theory. We'll go with that.

We began the day with cuddling and ended, again, with Goodnight Moon. It was a perfect day.

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